October 24, 2020

Analized Apolonia Lapiedra – Soaking Wet Car Wash

Analized Apolonia Lapiedra – Soaking Wet Car Wash

All-natural teen Apolonia loves classic cars and huge cocks. Apolonia is busy washing her classic car. The sensation of cleaning the car, in combination with the summer heat, made this petite babe extremely horny. Apolonia stars using the soap on her body. She tries to quench her lust by cooling down with soap and water. The sight of her naked body against a muscle car attracts her man. He immediately approaches her slutty girlfriend and dives straight to her pussy. Apolonia lies on the hood of the car while her boyfriend hungrily devours her freshly-washed cunt. The guy carries her tiny body towards the patio. Apolonia helps him take off all his clothes before sucking his huge cock…

Apolonia bends down on the couch and lets her boyfriend shove his hard cock into her teen pussy. The guy grabs her hair and fucks her doggy style. The two shift their position to spoon. He continues to fuck her pussy until she creams all over her cock. The guy then forces his cock into her tight asshole. Apolonia can feel his cock stirring the insides of her anus. The couple does not care that they are outside. Apolonia moans on top of her lungs as her boyfriend ravages her tiny ass. They change their position again to reverse cowgirl. Apolonia starts playing with her pussy while the cock in her ass goes deeper and deeper. Apolonia turns around in a reverse cowgirl. She continues to hump on his dick until the guy feels like he is about to cum. He pulls out his penis from her tight ass and unloads his warm cum on her teen face. Apolonia plays with the white cream before swallowing every single drop. This slutty teen is satisfied once again. She can’t wait for the next car wash so that she can experience the same thing again.

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