August 10, 2020

Manuel Ferrara – Bella Rolland

Apparently my stepsister and I have a lot in common more than we thought, we recently figured out we have both been vaping in our bedrooms and our parents have no idea. I wonder what else we can get away with in our room, my stepsister Leah starts to rub her feet on my cock. I think we may have vaped too much cause things are starting to heat up. The next thing I know my stepsister is sucking my huge cock all while hitting her vape, I can not believe it I really hope our parents don’t walk in on us. I can tell Leah really wants to fuck me, her pussy is so wet. I slide my huge cock deep inside her all while we continue to hit her vape pen. I fuck my hot stepsister till I cum all over her face as she takes another hit from her vape.

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