August 10, 2020

Only 3X Girls – Alessandra Amore And Mia Lei

When the two lovely chicks get horny and both were together in the same room it will be a moment to watch. It is the tattooed blonde Mia Lei and the enticing brunette Alessandra Amore. These two both admitted they are in the mood to make love. That is why they never wasted any time as both these hotties start kissing. They started out slow with their lips touching each other as well as their tongues. You can see both of their hands already touching and groping their bra and their panties, stimulating their goodies.

Both are wearing their favorite lingerie by the way. You can see their sexy figure body and you won’t wait to see them naked in all its glory. Watch as Mia Lei initiate a move removing Alessandra Amore’s bra revealing her perky titties. While the latter starts to make her move too removing Mia’s fine tits and amazing tattoos on her body. You can see that the inked blonde working on Alessandra’s small tits first as she starts licking her fresh nipples.

Alessandra Amore gives back but this time she focuses on Mia Lei’s fresh shaved pussy. The gorgeous brunette starts licking it like they were making love, slow and passionate. Looks like these lesbians love doing it slow and romantic. The blonde’s clit was already wet with the combination of saliva and Mia’s pussy juices. That means she is ready for the brunette’s surprise as she reveals a thick red dildo for her to use

Watch the resourceful babe Alessandra Amore starts fucking Mia Lei’s wet pussy with that sex toy. It was a mouthwatering moment as the camera closes in on that dripping wet snatch. The funny thing is she got not one but two dildos for them to use. Another one is a black dildo and those fit not into their pussies but into their assholes. Yes, that is right, Alessandra starts rubbing that black dildo in, warming that asshole up before sliding it in inside. That leads to louder moans from the tattooed Mia Lei.

Mia is dying to give back as she let Alessandra bend over as she gave cunnilingus of her own. The pretty brunette is already wet as she got licked, fingered before using a red dildo into her mouth as well as into her pink pussy. Mia Lei gets really aggressive with her and Alessandra loves it. You can see her already soaking wet too, competing with her partner. Mia is just starting the action as she uses the black dildo to fuck her gaping hole as well. In fact, she uses the combination of tongue and this black dildo to make Alessandra cum as many as possible.

To finish it off they reveal their last weapon. That is the long double dildo as both of them spread their legs wide and start drilling their lovely cunts. Both love it and they keep on fucking it at the same time until they get their final, explosive orgasm, ending this surreal moment of two pretty lesbians making out and pleasuring each other’s sexual needs.

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