August 6, 2020

Playboy Plus – Deisy Leon And Fatima Kojima Delicate Touch

Playboy Muses, Fatima Kojima, and Deisy Leon come together for this week’s Playboy Girlfriends pictorial. On location in Los Angeles, California, with the photographer Cassandra Keyes, these two models get comfortable as the camera snaps away. “Modeling is my biggest passion,” says Deisy. “I love everything about [it] – the way you can capture a feeling, a moment, and make a memory.” Fatima nods in agreement. “My passion is servicing others,” says Fatima, who works as a model, life coach, and caregiver. “Life coaching, trying to help people sort their s#%t [out], or doing a creative body-empowering photoshoot to [show the] idea of women being confident in their skin without fear!” Working beautifully together, Fatima and Deisy are living their passions out, right here on Playboy Plus!

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