August 6, 2020

Playboy Plus – Mashup Fresh Ink

This week’s Mashup is all about some of our models who sport a little ink. Get reacquainted with Playboy Muses, Ella Silver, Alex De La Flor, Jeana Turner and Shelly Lee, and International model, Maki Katana, as they show off their body art. First up, we feature the well-known model, Ella Silver, who poses beautifully, displaying her large pieces. “I feel like I am now a part of history,” she says of posing for Playboy…

“It’s an absolute honor, and I’ll find it hard to top. How do I feel about posing nude? It’s a body, we all have one, and I find it utterly absurd that we still consider the human body taboo!” Next up, we flashback to Playboy Muse, Alex De La Flor’s April 2018 Newcomer pictorial. “I like my tan and my hair,” she says of what she loves about her body. “My best assets are my tattoos cause everyone tends to dislike them, but I absolutely adore them.” Check out more themed Mashups, every week, right here on Playboy Plus!

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