October 1, 2023

Pornstarplatinum Bunny Colby

Ok, I’m really fucking upset, this internet sucks, and I can’t get anything to stream! So I called for a technician. Oh & that’s him at the door now! He stated his name was Jovan Jordan, so we sat down & he asked what my account # was & then had the freaking nerve to ask if I had payed my bill! WTF! I payed my bill! I also explained to him I want to watch my soaps, so please fix it now! Oh wait, Jovan the tech got it back on, oh fuck now it went back off, fuck!…

All he keeps saying is I need to pay my bill, and that my account is locked, that’s when I approached him with another payment option, and that maybe this would get the internet back up faster! I asked & at the same time put my hand on his pants. With that, he was more then happy to work on this internet, streaming issue I was having. After he had his gigantic cock in my mouth & in my pussy, he came all over my big round tits, he then explained to me, my account was never locked, I just need to know about LOAD MANAGEMENT! WTF!

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