October 23, 2020

The Life Erotic – Natalia – Light in the Tunnel 2

The Life Erotic – Natalia – Light in the Tunnel 2

Sexy, tan brunette Natalia is strolling on a footbridge over a rocky gorge near a busy road, carrying a small box. She is wearing a tight, black, zipper-front minidress with cold-shoulder cutouts, teamed with flat sandals. She stops briefly to check out a pretty waterfall and runs her fingers through her windswept, dark-brown hair…

Her path leads into an unlit tunnel and she pauses to check she is alone. Then she removes a small flashlight from the box and tests the beam before sitting down in a shallow, rocky niche. She begins to caress her body, stroking her bare thighs and massaging her curves through the dress. Then, as she unfastens the zipper to reveal perfect, tanlined breasts, she splays her thighs to expose her naked, shaved pussy.

She continues to pleasure herself, tugging on her pointed, chocolate-brown nipples. Then she screws a neon-orange wand attachment onto the end of the flashlight. Immediately, she begins to use it as a dildo, playing it against her mouth then rubbing it against her moistening slit. Soon, the lighted shaft slips easily inside of her and she pumps it in and out.

Natalia’s moans and squeals echo off of the rocks, cutting through the noise of the traffic. She risks getting caught in the act of solo sex at any time – but does this horny exhibitionist even care? With her firm, golden thighs spread wide, she pounds the flashlight-dildo even harder. As it flashes in strobe mode, the fingers of her free hand circle and spank her clit to the edge of orgasm.

With her strumming hand a blur and her entire body humping she cums hard – but remains unsatisfied. She sucks her juices off of the flashlight then stands up, braced against the rocks as she bangs herself to a second climax. Sinking down, she enjoys the afterglow, caressing her body again, oblivious to her surroundings. Then she unscrews the wand and tosses it aside before walking into the dark tunnel, with the front of her dress still open.

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