October 22, 2020

The Life Erotic – Sarah Smith Erotic Stimulation 2

The Life Erotic – Sarah Smith Erotic Stimulation 2

Gorgeous Czech brunette Sarah Smith is chilling out alone in her apartment. As she relaxes on a large easy chair, she removes her strappy, spike-heeled stripper platforms, then rubs her bare, pedicured feet with manicured fingers. Her electric foot massager is primed and ready, and she slides her feet inside of it for a few moments.

As it works its magic on her aching soles and sore toes, the effect is instant and obvious: she swishes her waist-length, dark-brown hair and pouts her hot-pink lips. However, she is soon in the mood for pleasures that are more hands-on, and she stands up to flaunt her gorgeous body in tight silver hotpants and a black cage bra-top…

Next, she strips to expose her small, perfect breasts, rounded ass and shaved pussy. She bends forward, then reaches back to slide her fingers into her juiced-up hole – but this is just a tease. Sitting on the floor, she drizzles body oil on her hands, then slathers it all over her legs and feet. As she massages herself, interlacing her fingers and toes, her pleasure increases.

Rolling on all fours, Sarah deftly rubs one foot some more, then resumes masturbating. She moans rhythmically as one finger plows her slippery snatch. Then, sprawling on her back, she splays her thighs and grinds her clit, surfing the brink of orgasm. She spits on her fingertips and frigs herself into a frenzy – head thrown back, her cries get louder and higher until she cums, whimpering and grabbing at her tits.

However, she is not spent – as soon as her orgasm dies away, she teases herself to another climax, sudden and intense. This time, she is satisfied and we leave her caressing her beautiful curves – with a bonus parting shot as she massages one foot again, in glorious close-up…

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