October 20, 2020

The Life Erotic – Sienna – Citrus and Ginger 2

The Life Erotic – Sienna  – Citrus and Ginger 2

Sexy Sienna looks sweet in her floral dress, but this fiery ginger-redhead prefers sharper, zestier flavors. She fixes herself a long, cold drink – muddling lemon, lime and mint, then adding ice and sparkling water – which she sips seductively through twin straws. As she lounges in a red-leather bucket chair, she flexes her cute bare feet, hands caressing her body as the zingy liquid fizzes against her tongue…

She takes a large ice chip and plays it over her mouth and then her thighs, hiking up her dress as she skims it higher. Next, she strips to simple white underwear before removing her bra to expose small, natural breasts and incredible puffy nipples. Then, she loses her panties to reveal her shaved, juicy pussy – and she drops the cocktail muddler in her glass.

She teases her perfect tits and snatch with more ice, then retrieves the muddler – the shaft is now nicely chilled. Slowly, she eases it deep inside of herself, gasping as the cold, hard metal penetrates her soft, hot hole. Legs splayed wide and knees bent, she uses it as a dildo, pumping and stirring it around. Her pussy is dewy-wet, and her butterfly lips flutter with each thrust.

Moaning softly, Sienna flaunts her gorgeous ass as she bends over the chair and reaches back to finger her clit and pussy. Her tits brush against the scarlet leather as she rocks her beautiful body, and she whimpers as she takes herself closer to orgasm. Then she moves to her couch with the rechilled muddler, lying back to plow herself again as her free hand grabs and squeezes her perky breasts.

Biting her lips she screws herself over the brink, hips bucking and humping as she cums hard. She keeps pumping the muddler, prolonging her intense orgasm, then draws it out and rubs the cream-slick shaft against her clit. Finally satisfied, she returns to her drink – now infused with her own honeyed juices from her muddler dildo.

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